Decorative bells

In our offer, beside big sacral bells, there are also small ornamented, commemorative (suited to the occasion) and naval ones, which we produce in variety of sizes for individual requirements needs.

All the bells are decorated with suiting precise embellishments, taking into account individual needs. It is possible to make any kind of inscription or decoration, depending on its particular purpose.

Types of inscriptions placed most often:

  • Surnames,
  • Company names,
  • Commemorative dates,
  • Special dedications,
  • Company logos.

Bells constitute a special form of a mementos souvenir, or a gift commemorating an anniversary (for example Holy Orders) , wedding, First Communion, as a sign of gratitude with a special dedication.

Sizes of commemorative, naval and suited to the occasion bells offered by our company:

  • diameter 10cm
  • diameter 12cm
  • diameter 16cm
  • diameter 21cm
  • diameter 25cm

Suggested types of fittings for small bells