We are a founder company producing a wide variety of bells in accordance with the tradition of bell foundry craft known in the world since the XIIth century.

We cast following kinds of bells:

  • sacral, singular and harmonious (in double or polyphonic sets, both major and minor),
  • small ornamented bells (bells suited to the occasion, commemorative, naval)

In addition:

  • we provide renovation of antique bells,
  • we re-cast cracked bells and guarantee tuning them to match the remaining ones in a set,
  • we also produce belfries that can be installed in a tower or placed in a churchyard.

Bells are made by hand only; they are an alloy of 78% copper and 22% tin. Moulds are given great ornamentation, interesting colouring and they are equipped with both suspenders and clappers filling our bells with bronze tone. In our offer you can find a wide variety of sacral bells, their weight varying from 50 kilos to 2 tons and even bigger ones. Our offer includes different kinds of sets: both major harmonic and minor polyphonic ones, according to each client's requirements.